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Thursday, 23 May 2024

Radio Over IP

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Broadcast without boundaries

- Replace leased line copper with an IP based STL (studio to transmitter link)
- Dynamically mix in regional advertising
- Distribute customized information
- Remotely monitor your infrastructure and equipment on site
- Broadcast live announcements and time based recurring announcements such as station call letters

10 reasons for IP-based audio distribution in broadcasting

- Lower cost of deployment than comparable solutions
- High reliability

- Eliminates the cost of leased line copper from the phone company for your backup STL
- Define multiple audio sources in case your main audio source fails or goes offline
- At the transmitter - able to play a local playlist off the USB in case the network connection is lost
- Centralized management and remote monitoring, global coverage
- Pass contact closures with the audio to trigger events at the remote site
- Low power consumption (much less than a PC)
- Low bandwith requirements (adjustable encoding type and quality)
- No data media server or PC infrastructure needed