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Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

STL (studio-to-transmitter-link) Over IP

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STL (studio-to-transmitter-link)

Barix designed the Exstreamer 1000 in consultation with Broadcast professionals worldwide, who were looking for a reliable, cost-effective means to distribute programming, contact closures and serial data from their studios to their transmitter sites. The Exstreamer 1000 with its STL application does all of this, and in the right configuration can also return audio to the studio for confidence checking.
The Barix system can establish reliable STLs over a standard LAN/WAN/VPN, or using directed Wifi, Internet Connections, or even DSL to transmit audio from the studio to one, or multiple delivery points.


Network bandwidth requirements:

The Barix STL over IP solution can be configured to preserve bandwidth using compression techniques or to provide maximum quality (48kHz PCM with no quality loss). The amount of bandwidth used is determined by this selection, and can range between about 50kbps to 2MBps, in most cases a standard DSL line can be used. Contact closures and serial control data such as RDS information do not add significantly to the bandwidth requirement.
Both dynamic and static IP addresses are supported, and the communications protocols used are NAT/Firewall friendly, easing set-up.


Between 20ms (uncompressed, 48kHz, stereo) and about 300ms (MP3 encoding, lowest bit rate) minimum latency is achievable, but depending upon the network quality, network jitter buffers can add to that, increasing the latency.

Audio and control interfaces:

The Exstreamer 1000 offers balanced stereo inputs and outputs, as well as AES/EBU audio interfaces. For integration with other systems the device has contact closures (4in/4out) and 2 serial ports, and can itself be controlled via standard web browser as well as serial, TCP, UDP, cgi API.

Why use Barix for studio transmitter links?

Thousands of Barix devices are in use worldwide today to reliably deliver audio programming over IP connections, providing exceptional reliability and quality at a very affordable price point. Barix devices use very low power (<8W), are based on a PC-free, high reliability architecture and are the choice of customers like Clearchannel Satellite (>2000 devices), OEMs like Harris and countless radio stations.

Configuration For Local Radio Stations ( Same City )